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Mark Campetti

Like a lot of kids, Mark grew up competing in many different sports including swimming, basketball, baseball, and soccer. He played football through high school where he was sad to see his competitive sports career come to an end. Mark developed a passion for fitness while attending college at Temple University. After graduating from Temple, Mark was working full time and attending graduate school at Saint Joseph’s University when he decided to become a certified personal trainer. In 2010, he began running boot camp classes and in-home personal training sessions in the Philadelphia area.

In 2013, Mark relocated to Dickson City with his wife, Eileen. Shortly after moving, they walked into CrossFit Vertex and were immediately hooked. CrossFit was everything he loved about his personal training classes but so much more. After several months, Kaleena, Tara, Dave, and the other coaches at Vertex had him accomplishing fitness goals that he never thought he could achieve. Mark was thrilled when he was asked to join the coaching staff at Vertex and immediately obtained his Level 1 certification in November 2014. He loves coaching classes and watching Vertex athletes constantly accomplish new goals. As a federal law enforcement officer, Mark does not take his fitness for granted. He is thankful for the opportunities that CrossFit has afforded him, and for the inspiration that every single athlete at CrossFit Vertex brings him every day!

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