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Kaleena Rosado

Kaleena Rosado, CrossFit Vertex Coach/Co-Owner, had zero experience in training or any athletic background until her early 20′s. At the age of 20 she began training consistently at a traditional gym, first focusing on strictly  body building movements and soon after incorporating more functional and fundamental concepts of fitness. Some of the different concepts included the Paul Chek Core program, cardiovascular interval training and MMA conditioning . After experiencing the intensity of these concepts the only option to continue to excel as an athlete was to do more faster, that’s where CrossFit made a break in her training regimen.

She was introduced to CrossFit with her 7 year training partner, CrossFit Scranton  owner, Tom Casey. Experiencing her first CrossFit WOD at a globo gym, it was clear this would not be accepted in that environment. It was then that the facility she trained in had to change, after over a year of training CrossFit at an MMA academy she attended a certification seminar in April of 2010, passing her exam she was awarded an accredited CrossFit Trainer certificate. It was after that cert, in which Tom Casey also attended, that CrossFit Scranton was  opened and Kaleena obtained a coaching position. CrossFit has introduced Kaleena to the criteria and fitness aspects to become a more well rounded athlete then she ever thought conceivable but finds that nothing is more rewarding then paying it forward by coaching other athletes.

It was clear after the experience gained at CFS that she was destined for a career in changing lives one workout at a time. With this came the collaboration between Kaleena and Tara to extend the CrossFit community further across NEPA with CrossFit Vertex.

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