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Gregory Garvey

Greg started his CrossFit career by attending a 7 am class at CrossFit Scranton where he didn’t finish his first WOD, this immediately hooked him with a drive to see what he could do under this intense training regime. Shortly there after he was knocking out skills like muscle ups and double unders! After approx 6 months of WODs he attended the CrossFit Level 1 course and started coaching a 5 pm class two times a week while assisting other coaches during different times. After about two years at CrossFit Scranton he moved to CrossFit Vertex where he is now. Greg loves that everyday is a competition with his fellow Athletes on who is going to do the best and Coaching them so they will be better than he is. He also loves how nice everyone is to each other not just at his home box but at every box. You can drop in and immediately have friends. He attributes being in the best shape of his life, maxing his Army APFT and staying in shape for SWAT to CrossFit.

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